New vinyl or fiberglass windows can help your home's energy efficiency, while new wood windows can also restore your home's timeless beauty.

New replacement windows are an easy, cost-efficient way to enhance the beauty of your home, while also lowering your energy bills and increasing your property value.

Our experienced home specialists will help you choose from a wide range of styles and options in order to select the best new windows for your home. You can trust we will design, install and guarantee every premium-quality window we offer. 

Milgard Windows

Proud to offer Milgard Windows & Doors Products

Milgard is one of the largest and most trusted names in windows and doors.

Cascade Windows

Milgard has more than 50 years of experience manufacturing high quality windows and patio doors.

Green Built Northwest stands behind our work and we are proud of the products we deliver. Milgard offers award-winning windows and doors, which is why we chose to provide their products to our customers. Every component, from hardware to window glass, is developed from hours of testing and attention to detail.

Whether you're beginning new construction, remodeling your existing home or looking for replacement windows and patio doors, Milgard products can provide beauty, comfort and energy efficiency for your home.

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Proud to offer Milgard Windows & Doors Products

Milgard is one of the largest and most trusted names in windows and doors.

Cascade Windows,
over 25 years experience

Cascade Windows is a local Northwest company, and allows us to offer homeowners excellent window products at a great price point.

Every Cascade window is meticulously designed for maximum year-round comfort, and with the beauty of your home in mind. We have a great selection of attractive and distinct styles to choose from, each of which can be combined to maintain a consistent look with proven structural integrity.

Cascade windows series feature an innovative design that blends beauty with structural integrity. The series offers equal sight line design that provides the look of a classic wood window with innovative features that deliver modern style and functionality. Standard features include dual coat low-E coating, and Cascade's auto-lock system.

WinPro window series offer reliable performance and exceptional value for homeowners. This series features a traditional compression cam-lock and provides a streamlined profile, which deliver a contemporary look. 

Bay Windows

Bay windows are a combination of three windows that protrude out from the home for a stylistic touch. They are generally one large fixed panel in the center, flanked by two smaller side lights that open for ventilation. It is common to see a window seat on the inside.

Picture Windows

Picture windows provide an unobstructed view to the outside for maximum daylighting. Picture windows are fixed and do not open making them ideal for rooms that need more natural light.

Casement Windows

Casement windows have a hinge on one side and open outward by rotating a crank style handle.  As you crank the window, they open like a door, allowing the maximum amount of ventilation into the home. They offer an unobstructed view, similar to a picture window, because there is no rail in the center.

Double Hung Windows

With double hung windows, both the top and bottom sash are operable. Plus, they are easy to clean because the sashes tilt inward, which may be important to you if your window is on a second story. They also offer the same space saving convenience of a single hung window.

Awning Windows

With an awning window, the sash is hinged at the top and swings outward. This allows air to flow into the home with side to side ventilation, while helping to keep the rain out. This style of window tends to be smaller in size and is often wider than it is tall.

Horizontal Sliders

Horizontal sliding windows are a common style that is very easy to use. The sash slides either to the left or right, depending on where you wish to direct the air flow in the room. Sliders are a good option for larger window sizes.

Single Hung Windows

For single hung windows, the bottom sash slides up and down to open and close the window. The top sash stays in place and allows light to enter the home, but not air flow. Because they open vertically, they save space when the exterior faces a patio or walking path.

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